Customer Risk Intelligence is the ultimate solution, in which all previous solutions are combined. And more. This is where all identified risks are aggregated and by means of a sophisticated scoring model calculated into a single integrity risk score per customer. This makes it absolutely clear which customers imposes the biggest risk on your bank while serving them. And commission the appropriate risk remediation measures. Adding all individual scores leads to an overall, integrity risk score for your complete bank, or per individual risk or scenario. This score can be used as input for your IFRS statement and as a benchmark voor reducing your overall risk profile.

Features and processes included are:

  • Everything included in the other 4 solutions
  • Consolidation of the various risks into 1 aggregated risk profile (360 degrees client profile)
  • Combining network information, context and behavioral profiles in 1 single environment
  • Combining all investigation processes, consolidating your investigation efforts
  • Strong visualization of customer risk profile and related information (‘situational awareness’)
  • Ensuring unambiguous interpretation of all data using the ‘W7 Standard’
  • A risk scoring model for a consistent calculation of integrity risks, per customer and scenario
  • Informed decision making about risk mitigation measures of exit policies and offboarding
  • Reducing overall integrity risk profile, reducing capital adequacy requirements under IFRS

The other ForensicCloud solutions by BusinessForensics

Combining all solutions

Customer Risk Intelligence

Proof of value

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